When did Kenmore make a wood cook stove?

Answer According to the Sears Archive website, the fall 1959 Chicago edition of the Sears Catalog featured a Kenmore woodstove. This woodstove sold for $49.95. It was also sold in the 1962 Chicago edition... Read More »

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How do I start a wood cook stove?

Open the firebox door and place crumpled newspaper inside. You should have enough paper to completely cover the bottom of the box. Add kindling on top of the paper, crisscrossing it to leave room ... Read More »

Who invented the wood cook stove?

The first cast iron stoves were made in Germany around 1728 and were referred to as five-plate or jamb stoves. Close stoves or six-plate stoves were being made by the 1740s. Benjamin Franklin gets ... Read More »

How to Clean a Home Comfort 1930 Wood Cook Stove?

The Home Comfort 1930 wood stove is a wood-burning stove that is still available today. Since the stoves are still in existence and work, cleaning the stove and removing rust is one of the ways to ... Read More »

How to Make Wood Stove & Glass Cleaner?

Other than televisions, wood stoves are the centerpiece of a living room. Over time, soot and other grime can build up on the stove and the stove's glass window, turning this warm centerpiece into ... Read More »