When did Jerry Uelsmann die?

Answer Photographer Jerry Uelsmann, as of January 2010, is still alive. He has retired and is living with his wife, Maggie Taylor, in Gainesville, Florida. He occasionally travels to give lectures and per... Read More »

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Who is Jerry Uelsmann?

Jerry Uelsmann is an American photographer known for his fanciful black and white photographs. Born in 1934, Uelsmann served as a professor of photography at the University of Florida in Gainesvill... Read More »

What type of camera does jerry uelsmann use?

Circa 2006, Jerry Uelsmann was using a Mamiya 7 and a Bronica GS1. He also used an older Bronica for studio shoots. Jerry Uelsmann prefers light equipment that uses roll film and is capable of prod... Read More »

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