What is the difference between probable cause and reasonable doubt?

Answer Probable cause is the constitutional standard police must follow before they can make a lawful arrest. Beyond a reasonable doubt is the standard of proof required for convicting a criminal defendan... Read More »

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How to Doubt God?

Having doubts about the existence of God? Here is how to explore, clarify and reinforce those doubts.

Pottermore doubt!!!!!!!!?

When in doubt....why do ppl not GOOGLE?

That's a good question. So many people do ask simple or stupid questions that would easily be answered (probably with more detail) by googling it, which is way faster than posting a question. Maybe... Read More »

A Doubt With Facebook.?

@[456:] this is nothing but you profile IDgoto you profile and see the URLsuppose you have you type @[565:] or @[521:]it'll automatically create hyperlink of your profile :)