What is the difference between probable cause and reasonable doubt?

Answer Probable cause is the constitutional standard police must follow before they can make a lawful arrest. Beyond a reasonable doubt is the standard of proof required for convicting a criminal defendan... Read More »

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When in doubt....why do ppl not GOOGLE?

That's a good question. So many people do ask simple or stupid questions that would easily be answered (probably with more detail) by googling it, which is way faster than posting a question. Maybe... Read More »

Is it legal (& reasonable) to knock wing mirrors off cars parked on double yellow lines when passing them?

LOL :] It is still illegal thoughIf it was legal I would so do that :]

When does hp7 release on blu-ray?

yes, i do no when it will come out, blue ray movies come out the same date as it on a normal DVD comes out, I do not know the date but do know the mont, mabye in may on June, part 2 might come out ... Read More »

When did Brooks release the GTS 7?

The Brooks GTS 7 running shoe was released in 2007, according to the Brooks blog. Designed for runners with moderate pronation, the Brooks GTS 7 running shoe features both heel and front cushioning... Read More »