When did James Starley invent the two wheel bike?

Answer James Starley invented the two-wheel bike in 1870. Starley's invention, the Ariel bicycle, was the first self-propelled two-wheeler to use pivot-center steering. Starley is widely considered to be ... Read More »

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What did James Dyson invent?

James Dyson invented the Dyson vacuum cleaner, which uses cyclone technology to prevent it from clogging or losing suction. Dyson was born May 2, 1947, in Norfolk, England, and invented his vacuum ... Read More »

When did James Pillans invent the blackboard?

James Pillans invented the blackboard circa 1801, when he was the headmaster of the Old High School of Edinburgh, in Scotland. The invention quickly became widespread, revolutionizing the way teach... Read More »

Where did James A. Bauer invent the coin changer?

James A. Bauer invented the coin changer mechanism--a type of vending machine that changes dollar bills into coins--in Monroeville, Pennsylvania. It was patented on January 20, 1970 by the Westingh... Read More »

What vacuum cleaners did James dyson invent?