When did James Clark Ross die?

Answer James Clark Ross died on April 3, 1862. He was a famous explorer and British naval officer. He charted much of the coast of Antarctica, had a British naval ship named after him posthumously nd was ... Read More »

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When does Lois Lane find out that Clark Kent is Superman in the TV show Lois and Clark?

She originally finds out Clark Kent and Superman are one in the same in the first episode with H.G. Wells after Tempus- the evil man from the future- tells her by putting on a pair of glasses sayin... Read More »

When Lois find out that clark is Superman in Lois and clark?

last episode of season 2... but you do not know that she knows intill season 3's frist episode.

When jack James Jim and Jane stand by age jack being the youngest stands first while James brings up the rear however when they stand by height Jim being the shortest stands first while James co?

When did Betsy Ross finish the flag?

Betsy Ross finished sewing the American flag in June 1776, according to her grandson William J. Canby's testimony to the Philadelphia Historical Society in 1870. While there is no doubt that Ross s... Read More »