When did Intel introduce the first commercial processor?

Answer The Intel C4004 was the first commercially available processor. Introduced in 1971, it featured an entire CPU on a single chip. The 4004 was designed by Federico Faggin, who signed his creation.Sou... Read More »

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When did Intel release the first commercial processor?

The first processor released by Intel was in November of 1971. The Intel 4004 microprocessor helped revolutionize how computers were made and used by consumers. Since 1971, the Intel processor has ... Read More »

What year did Intel Corporation introduce the first commercial general purpose microprocessor?

Intel revolutionized the word of technology with the introduction of the 4004 microprocessor in November 1971. Accompanied with the heading, "Announcing a new era of integrated electronics," the 40... Read More »

What year did intel release the first commercial processor?

Intel Corp. released the first commercial processor, the Intel 4004, in November 1971. The chip's read-only memory (ROM) made the 4004 programmable, the first general purpose microprocessor. The si... Read More »

When did Intel introduce the 8008 microprocessor?

Intel introduced the 8008 microprocessor in 1972. The Intel 8008 was an eight-bit microprocessor that was available in 500 KHz and 800 KHz speeds and had 16 kilobytes of memory. The Intel 8008 was ... Read More »