When did Howard Goodman die?

Answer Howard Goodman, an important figure in gospel music, died on November 30, 2002. He was the head of the Happy Goodman Family and husband of Vestal Goodman, a famous gospel soloist. He was 81 when he... Read More »

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Where& when did Howard von Cybunny die?

Howard von Cybunny died in 32 BN in Neopia City. The Brain Tree in the game Neopets asks players questions about when and where someone died. To discover the answer you must complete two quests for... Read More »

When did Howard Florey's discoveries or work take place?

Sir Howard Florey, an Australian scientist, began his career in the 1920s. He is most famous for work he began in 1938, when he first collaborated with fellow scientist Ernst Chain. They worked wit... Read More »

How come when Curly Howard hits his head sometimes he becomes more intelligent?

Eh!?You got me there LOL(((BEAR HUGS T)))

If there is a lesson learned from Young Goodman Brown did Goodman Brown learn from this lesson?

The lesson learned from the story "Young Goodman Brown" is depression