When did Hi-lex come in glass jars?

Answer With the rise of washing machines, Hi-lex began selling bleach and ammonia for their use in the 1910s. Glass bottles were the primary form of storage until the invention of the much cheaper plastic... Read More »

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When did glass jars first come into use in Canada?

Mallorytown Glass Works was the first glass making company in Canada but it operated only for one year, from 1839 to 1840, as the raw material and labor used for glass making was very expensive tho... Read More »

Can glass pickle jars be used in freezing?

Wide-mouth, dual purpose canning-freezer pickle jars with up to 1-1/2 inches of open space at the top are used when freezing pickles. Regular new or recycled glass pickle jars will break easily whe... Read More »

How are glass Mason jars made?

Glass Mason jars are manufactured from soda-lime glass. It is a common glass used for food and beverage storage. Mason jars come in various sizes including pints, quarts and cups.CompositionMason j... Read More »

How to Make Gifts out of Glass Jars?

Need to make a gift--whether it be for a family member, teacher, friend--or virtually anyone? If you have some glass jars laying around, you're in luck!!