When did Greek philosophy begin?

Answer The exact date of the beginning of Greek philosophy is unknown. Thales of Ionia is generally considered the first Greek philosopher. He lived between 624 B C and 546 B. C. It is believed that Greek... Read More »

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What Is Greek Philosophy?

Greek philosophy is a system of thought that focuses on the importance of reason--or of thinking things through. The word "philosophy" means "love of wisdom" (from the Greek words "philo," meaning ... Read More »

Where did Greek philosophy start?

Greek philosophy was started in Miletus, Ionia, by a man named Thales. What is now Western Turkey was the location of Ionia. Miletus was a wealthy trading center at the time with a lot of traffic i... Read More »

How Did the Peloponnesian War Influence Greek Philosophy?

The Peloponnesian War was two wars with a short peace in between. It effectively destroyed democracy in Greece. It began with great enthusiasm, yet ended disastrously for Athen's democracy. Greek p... Read More »

When did greek theater begin?

According to Reed University, Greek theater originated around 625 B.C., when the poet Arion produced dithyrambic choruses at Corinth. These choruses evolved into the traditional Greek form of trage... Read More »