When did Galileo discover Saturn's rings?

Answer The rings of Saturn consist of icy particles ranging in size from tiny crystals to ice chunks as large as small mountains. Galileo discovered the rings in 1610, but could not see them clearly and b... Read More »

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What year did Galileo discover the rings of Saturn?

The Italian astronomer, mathematician and physicist Galileo Galilei built his first telescope in 1609. In 1610, he first observed Saturn and its rings. He wrote his discovery in code so he could co... Read More »

In what year did Galileo discover the rings of Saturn?

Galileo Galilei discovered the rings of Saturn in 1610. He was the first to observe this phenomenon, with his telescope, and initially thought the rings were handles on both sides of the planet.Sou... Read More »

What did Galileo discover in astronomy?

Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei built himself a telescope based on the principles of a magnifying glass, and in 1609, he became the first person to view mountains and valleys on the moon. His as... Read More »

What did galileo discover about gravity?

Galileo discovered the fact that falling objects accelerate at the same speed, regardless of their weight. The Italian mathematician's finding disproved Aristotle's notion that heavier objects fall... Read More »