When did project mercury end?

Answer 1963

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When was Mercury invented?

it wasn't invented, it happened when God made the universe .. mercury is an element it was not "invented" but discovered.

When was mercury the metal found?

Nobody knows when humans discovered mercury, but Egyptian tombs dating to the 15th or 16th century B.C. have contained samples of mercury, according to Chemistry Explained. The ancient Chinese, Gre... Read More »

How& when was the planet Mercury discovered?

Because the planet Mercury can be seen without a telescope, humans have been aware of its existence since prehistoric times. However, the ancient Babylonians first wrote of Mercury and even named a... Read More »

When did Mercury form Mercruiser?

According to the Mercury Marine website the Mercury Mercruiser range of inboard motor engines was introduced in 1961. The Mercury Marine brand was created by Carl Kiekhaefer in Cedarburg, Wisconsin... Read More »