When did Euclid prove infinite primes?

Answer Euclid proved that there are infinite primes around 300 B.C. He is considered the first to have done this and his theories continue to play an important role in mathematics over 2000 years later.So... Read More »

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How to Prove a Conjecture With Infinite Solutions?

Proving something true for an infinite number of situations poses some obvious problems: How do you check all those cases? How do you know there is a case you never thought of? If you are talking a... Read More »

What did Euclid do in history?

Euclid of Alexandria was an ancient mathematician who compiled a treatise on mathematics called "The Elements." The book became the center for instruction on mathematics for nearly 2,000 years, acc... Read More »

What did Euclid discover?

Euclid was a Greek mathematician who is generally believed to have lived in the fourth century B.C. He is most noted for his development of theorems to prove geometric and mathematical relationship... Read More »

How to Factor Numbers Into Primes?

Mathematicians through all ages have been fascinated by that group of numbers called the primes, each of which is divisible only by itself and 1, for their relations with other numbers. The Fundame... Read More »