When did Dr Phil's mother die?

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When was dr phils license suspended?

According to AOL news, his license was suspended in 1979 for inappropriate conduct with a patient. The specifics are not available. Michelle Jacobi

How do you handle sister's mother in law when your mother is not alive?

How can you best gain custody of your child who is currently living with its mother in another state when the mother has a history of drug use and police involvement?

Answer If you simply take the child, you'll likely be charged with kidnapping. Your best bet would probably be to take her to court for custody on the grounds that she is an unfit mother. The wise... Read More »

How does a father protect his kids from there mother who is abusing them when they aren't divorced yet DCFS is already aware of the mother but no charges have been filed yet?

Answer File charges, kick her out of the house, restraining order for you and the kids, then file for divorce. Restraining order is the key.