When did Daniella Southwest die?

Answer she died because she fated and killed herself with her own stench you see she was dumb and silly but keep watching David Attenborough how boring i mean how fun he he

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Can a pet fly on southwest airlines?

Southwest Airlines allows passengers to travel with small, vaccinated dogs and cats. If the pet is carried on board, the pet carrier counts as the traveler's carry-on bag. As of January 2010, South... Read More »

Does Southwest fly to the Bahamas?

According to its website, Southwest Airlines does not fly to the Bahamas. However, the airline does fly to more than 65 cities throughout the United States, including some with nonstop services.Sou... Read More »

Does Southwest fly to Jamaica?

Southwest Airlines currently only operates flights within the United States. Other airlines, such as American Airlines, Delta, Continental Airlines, Spirit Airlines and Air Jamaica, do offer direct... Read More »

Oak Trees in the Southwest?

Assorted oak species are native to the Southwest, growing in states such as California, Arizona, Texas and New Mexico. Some of these oaks eventually lose their leaves, but others are evergreen, mak... Read More »