When did Dalmatians first become fire-station dogs?

Answer Dalmatians, the black-and-white-spotted dogs that are often associated with firefighters, first became fire-station dogs in the 1700s in England, when they were used to guard firehouses and the hor... Read More »

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When did dalmatians become fire station dogs?

Dalmatians first became associated with fire departments in the 1700s. Originally used as protection against horse thieves, they often accompanied horse-drawn fire carriages. Due to their loyalty, ... Read More »

When did dalmations first become fire station dogs?

Dalmations began traveling with fire service horse-drawn carriages in the 1700's. Because of their ideal size and physical ability they ran alongside the horses and would guard them when the fireme... Read More »

When was the first u.s. fire station built?

According to, the United State's first fire engine company was established in 1678. Captain Thomas Atkins, alongside twelve men, comprised this first company. In 1736, Benjam... Read More »

Who invented the first fire station?

On January 27, 1678, twelve men, led by Thomas Atkins comprised the first fire engine company. Years later, Benjamin Franklin would establish the first volunteer fire department in Philadelphia , t... Read More »