When did Connecticut become a royal colony?

Answer Under the order of King Charles II of England, in 1662, an official charter was issued to John Winthrop, the son of the Massachusetts governor. Winthrop was Connecticut's first official governor an... Read More »

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When did Connecticut become a colony?

Although the Dutch first settled the area, the British established Connecticut as a colony in 1636, when a group led by Thomas Hooker arrived from Massachusetts. The colony took its name from "quin... Read More »

Who started the colony of Connecticut?

In the summer of 1632, Thomas Hooker, a Puritan pastor in Boston, Massachusetts, took his church congregation north to settle what is now called Hartford, Connecticut. They were in search of a new ... Read More »

What type of colony was Connecticut?

Connecticut was a charter colony. It was originally founded in 1636 by Thomas Hooker for Puritans. After the Pequot War between the English and Indians and the ascension of Charles II to the throne... Read More »

When did Pennsylvania become a royal colony?

Pennsylvania officially became a royal colony after it was founded by William Penn in 1681. Penn gained the land as a grant from King Charles II to offset a debt owed to William's father.Source:Wil... Read More »