When was the USS Constitution commissioned to set sail?

Answer According to the USS Constitution's official website, the "world's oldest commissioned warship afloat" was ordered on March 1st, 1794 and delivered on October 1st, 1797. The ship was christened and... Read More »

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Who was Little Miss Columbus in the 1957 baby contest in Columbus, Ohio?

The Little Miss Columbus competition began in 1959, which means there was no winner of the baby contest in 1957. The Little Miss Competition continues each year at the Strawberry festival, where yo... Read More »

How to Sail to Success When Times Get Tough?

Life is full of obstacles and we all need to find a way to navigate them. When times get tough, here are some important things to keep in mind.

When did Leif Ericson sail to North America?

Leif Ericson, a Norse explorer, was the first European to land on the mainland of North America. According to "Saga of the Greenlanders," he sighted America as early as 986 but never landed. The "S... Read More »

When did Pocahontas sail with Lewis and Clark?

Pocahontas died in the 1600s and never traveled with Lewis and Clark. In 1805, a Native American girl named Sacagawea accompanied Lewis and Clark on their expedition. Sacagawea served as an interpr... Read More »