What flag was Columbus flying when he discovered America?

Answer Christopher Columbus found the support for his expedition to find a trade route to the Indies from the king and queen of Spain. His three ships--the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria--all sailed ... Read More »

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What date did Columbus discover America?

Christopher Columbus first made landfall in North America on Oct. 12, 1492. The Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria found the shore of what is too believed to be Waiting Island in San Salvador.Source:U.S. ... Read More »

When did Leif Erikson find America?

Norse explorer Leif Erikson landed on North American soil in the year 1001 A.D. He and his Viking crew explored the northeastern coast of Canada, the area of modern day Newfoundland. Yet the few Vi... Read More »

When did Leif Ericson find America?

Leif Ericson discovered America in approximately the year 1000. Ericson originally named the land Woodland, but he changed the name to Vineland because of the amount of grapes found on the land.Ref... Read More »

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