When did Chevy switch to unleaded fuel?

Answer Chevy trucks started using unleaded fuel in 1978. Prior to that, the trucks had used leaded fuel. This change went hand in hand with the adding of a fuel door on the trucks to cover the gas cap.Sou... Read More »

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Can you mix E85 fuel with regular unleaded?

Yes, you can combine the two fuels in a gas tank for a car capable of running on E85 fuel or regular unleaded gasoline. Flex fuel vehicles have been around since the 1980s.References:Fuel Economy: ... Read More »

Will an e85 vehicle operate on unleaded fuel?

Yes. E85 cars are also called flex fuel vehicles. In addition to being able to run on a blend of ethanol and gasoline, flex fuel vehicles can take straight gasoline.References:Fuel Economy: Flex-fu... Read More »

What is the difference between diesel&unleaded fuel?

Unleaded fuel is cheaper and cleaner than diesel fuel, which has a much greater sulfur content. Diesel surpasses unleaded in fuel efficiency, though, yielding significantly more miles per gallon.Co... Read More »

Why does diesel fuel cost more than unleaded?

The main reason that diesel prices are higher than gasoline prices is higher demand. Diesel demand is increasing in China and Europe, added to the already strong demand for the fuel in the U.S. Th... Read More »