When did Bluetooth start?

Answer Bluetooth started in September 1998. It's a technology that allows different types of electronics, in close range of one another, to connect and communicate wirelessly. The Bluetooth Special Intere... Read More »

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How do I Start Bluetooth on My Acer 4420 Computer?

The first step in connecting a Bluetooth device to your Acer 4420 laptop is to enable your laptop’s Bluetooth. Doing this will allow you to transfer data between the laptop and your Bluetooth dev... Read More »

When was Bluetooth 1.1 released?

Version 1.1 of the wireless connection standard Bluetooth was released in 2002. Known as IEEE Standard 802.15.1-2002, it overcame the issues of its predecessor, Bluetooth 1.0B.References:Bluetooth... Read More »

How come you can only connect with other iPhones when on bluetooth and not any other make of phone when on your iPhone?

this is simply because iphone uses itunes where as if a song was sent by bluetooth it may have been illegally downloaded. this way apple makes money from using itunes.

Can a printer with a USB port gain Bluetooth capability by using a Bluetooth adapter?

Printers with USB ports can gain Bluetooth capability if you plug a Bluetooth adapter into them. This allows you to wirelessly connect your computer and printer. Make sure to use a Bluetooth USB ad... Read More »