When did Benjamin Franklin invent the lighting rod?

Answer Benjamin Franklin came up with the idea for his lightning rod in 1750, but he didn’t finish perfecting it until 1753. Lightning rods divert electricity from lightning into the ground, so it doesn... Read More »

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When did Benjamin Franklin invent bifocals?

Famed inventor, statesman and founding father Benjamin Franklin invented bifocals in 1784. Franklin, who at the age of 79 wore spectacles, conceived of the idea when he grew tired of having to swap... Read More »

How did Benjamin Franklin invent bifocals?

Benjamin Franklin needed glasses most of his life. The problem was that he had to change from one pair of glasses to the other when he wanted to see near or far. To solve the problem, he invented w... Read More »

How many inventions did Benjamin Franklin invent?

Benjamin Franklin didn't patent his inventions, so we can't definitively list them. Nonetheless, he designed at least nine inventions--an arm extension, bifocals, the catheter, the Franklin stove, ... Read More »

Why did Benjamin Franklin invent swim fins?

Benjamin Franklin, noted American statesman and inventor, had a lifetime love of swimming that led to his invention of swim fins. His purpose was to move faster in the water.TimelineIn 1717, at the... Read More »