Have you taken a spill or had and accident on your motorcycle. Tell me what caused the fall!?

Answer Please look carefully at all the above answers and you will notice a very useful statistic. Of the 9 answers above 7 of them had accidents due to rider error. Not the other driver. I don't know how... Read More »

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Can your uninsured auto insurance cover an accident you have on your motorcycle if that doesn't have uninsured insurance?

Answer Yes and no. Yes if it to cover medical expenses. You can pull on your med-pay and your uninsured motorist policy I believe. But don't expect them to cover damages to car. I would stick with... Read More »

How to Avoid an Accident on a Motorcycle?

Riding a motorcycle can be a very freeing experience, but it is also a dangerous sport. A person riding a motorcycle is vulnerable to other vehicles on the road, and for this reason, it is necessar... Read More »

How much time after an accident do you have to file an accident report in the state of Maine?

Laws in Maine require a person to file an accident report within 48 hours. Failing to report the accident in the state of Maine may result in the suspension or revocation of the driver's license an... Read More »

Stupidest DIY accident or construction accident you have ever made ?

The stupidest thing I've ever seen was when I was working as a carpenter on a Commercial Project for a GC.We were building a strip mall and all he did was, push, push and push the men. He had broug... Read More »