When did Beethoven start playing the piano?

Answer It is unclear exactly when Ludwig van Beethoven began playing piano. Most accounts estimate that he began receiving lessons around the age of four or five. His first public concert performance was ... Read More »

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Playing piano by ear?

You have a great advantage having gone through a couple years of piano lessons. All that basic recognition of notes, keys and established dexterity pay off big. Playing by ear isn't discussed muc... Read More »

How to Enjoy Playing the Piano?

A piano is a beautiful instrument, it looks good and sounds even better. There are different types of pianos, different styles and different sounds. Buy the one that will give you the most pleasure... Read More »

Should I quit playing piano?

Normally, I would say, push through it, and make very, very sure, but you seem to already have tried that. Give it one more final effort- and not while thinking of it as a chore, but try and find t... Read More »

Question about playing the piano.?

You use muscles in your hands when you play, so if you stop playing for a long time those muscles will weaken, the pain will go away as you play and build them back up