When did American women start wearing pants?

Answer American women began wearing pants during World War I while working in munitions factories. In the 1920s, it became more common for women to wear pants while playing sports such as golf and tennis.... Read More »

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When did women start wearing pants?

For centuries, wearing pants was associated with masculinity. An assertive woman is still said to "wear the pants in the family." Beginning in the late 19th century and continuing throughout the 20... Read More »

What year did women begin wearing pants?

The first American women to make history for wearing pants were members of the women's suffrage movement in the 1800s. As early as 1825, suffragists Amelia Jenks Bloomer, Elizabeth Smith Miller and... Read More »

Do you think women wearing pants with the word juicy on the butt part trashy?

to me it just says that they like it from the back! lol. But it is kinda low class to wear that sh** in public.

At what point did you give up and start wearing stretch pants?

I've never worn stretch pants...excpet the panel pants when I was pregnant.