When did Alva J. Fisher invent the washing machine?

Answer Alva J Fisher invented the first electrical washing machine in the year 1908 he invented it

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Did Thomas Alva Edison invent the photograph?

No, he invented the phonograph and the tin foil phonogragh.I got this information on this website:\

When did thomas Alva Edison invent the movie projector?

Thomas Alva Edison invented and patented the movie protector in 1891, making it possible to take, reproduce and project images. During his lifetime, he received 1,368 patents on his inventions. He ... Read More »

When did Thomas Alva Edison invent the electric light bulb?

Thomas Edison improved the electric light bulb in 1879. The first light bulb he created ran on direct current. Edison collaborated with Nikola Tesla to create an electrical system to make the light... Read More »

How can you hook up a regular washing machine to the sink like a portable washing machine Is it possible to do this with the hoses or is there a conversion kit?

I approached the problem of first attaching one end of a garden hose to an outside garden tap connection, and connecting another tap to the other end with a compattable thread for the washing machi... Read More »