When did Aesop write his fables?

Answer Aesop lived during the sixth century B.C. in Greece, with the best information suggesting that he lived from 620 to 560 B.C. He was born into slavery, but received his freedom from his second maste... Read More »

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How many fables did Aesop write in his lifetime?

Aesop told more than 650 fables in his lifetime. The true number will never be known since Aesop never wrote down the stories that he told 2,500 years ago. The stories we do know were those remembe... Read More »

What year did Aesop write fables?

While scholars and historians do not have an exact year for when Aesop wrote his fables, it is known that he lived from 620 to 560 B.C. And while no written work of his has survived, it is clear th... Read More »

When were the first of aesop's fables written?

Aesop was born about 620 B.C, somewhere near Greece, though the exact location is unknown. After being granted freedom from slavery, Aesop began to tell his fables while traveling. Aesop did not ... Read More »

What is the meaning of Aesop's Fables?

Aesop's Fables, written by a Grecian slave/storyteller around 600 B.C., are short tales generally involving anthropomorphic animals which teach a moral. The lessons from these fables are still taug... Read More »