When did AIDS come to Michigan?

Answer The first case of AIDS was reported in Michigan in 1981, according to the Michigan Department of Community Health. From the start of the epidemic through 2007, Michigan reported 15,672 AIDS cases t... Read More »

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What is the average salary of nurses'aids in michigan?

The average salary for a nurse's aide in Michigan is approximately $24,000, as of March, 2010. Salary can and will vary depending on your certification credentials, education, years of experience, ... Read More »

Where can I donate eyeglasses&hearing aids in michigan?

Donating your used eyeglasses and hearing aids gives the gift of sight or sound to someone who would otherwise never be able to afford them. There are many charitable organizations and retailers th... Read More »

Was there some sort of tribute on ESPN a few months ago at Michigan State University where Magic Johnson said he was HIV AIDS free with Links please?

(Asker) Somebody told me this when I said nobody has been cured of AIDS: "I remember seeing Magic on a "tribute" @ Michigan State on ESPN a few months ago where he was asked his "status" and he sai... Read More »

If a mosquito sucks blood from a person that has AIDS and then bites someone else, would you get AIDS.....?

Yes, unfortunately... They don't want to scare the public with that information but definitely yes...However they usually stay very close to their source of water they were born in, and live a shor... Read More »