When did 8-tracks get replaced by cassettes?

Answer According to 8-Track Heaven, major record labels stopped producing 8-tracks in 1983, although some 8-track offerings were still available through RCA's & Columbia House's record and tape clubs thro... Read More »

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When did 8 tracks get replaced by cassettes?

The 8-track tape format began being replaced by cassettes in the 1970s. Between 1981 and 1983, the major record labels decided to discontinue production of 8-track tapes and replaced them with cass... Read More »

I have Panasonic camcorder and some cassettes can i overwrite on the cassettes or no?

Yes you can. Do it too many times and the quality will diminish over time though.

Do the tracks in Moose Tracks ice cream mimic a real Moose's tracks?

No, it's just fudge sauce for the "tracks" and normally small peanut butter cups for the "leavings".

When were cassettes introduced?

Cassettes were first introduced in 1962 by the Dutch electronics company, Philips. Previous to the introduction of cassettes, the only method of recording music or voices was through the use of ree... Read More »