When delivering a baby and you have a std does your doctor tell you?

Answer You will have a pap smear and blood tests done at the beginning of your pregnancy to determine if you have an std. The blood test is for syphallis and HIV. The pap smear is for gonnorhea and clamyd... Read More »

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Cost of delivering a baby?

what is the average monthly cos of raising a baby like for formula, jars of baby food,baby snacks,medicine, dr.check ups, diapers, soap, shampoo, lotion powder. and i need the average cost for each... Read More »

What do you we need to get when we go to the hospital for delivering a baby?

You do not go to the hospital. When the the end of the pregnancy comes (a few days) your sim will stop what she is doing and the baby will drop from the sky.

Why would a woman shake after delivering a baby?

Uncontrollable shaking after childbirth is very common. Although this condition tends to alarm women, there are many explanations for the shakes, and most are not serious. Prolonged shaking, though... Read More »

What's something weird that happened to you while you were delivering your baby?

I have two funny stories.With my son they broke my water when I was 4 cm dilated, and told my husband I would be in labor for another couple of hours and it was "fine" if he went outside to make ph... Read More »