When could people in the US first buy iPhones?

Answer If you get an iphone you dont have to get texting. But if you do text it will be charged onto your bill. But since its a smart phone you have to get internet

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Why do people show off their iPhones when basically everybody has one?

They think iPhone is a premium phone just because the price they pay for it. Not sure whether they realised or not there are more phones(android) that come with raw power, better battery, camera an... Read More »

Do you think you could sum up the first Harry Potter films for people who haven’t seen them?

A young wizard called Harry got his parents killed by an evil lord Voldemort while he was a child. Harry was the chosen one in the wizard society. He was undaunted and untouchable by Voldemort so g... Read More »

Why do all people have iPhones?

People have IPhones because they are good phones with a lot of applications.

Why do so many people use Wikipedia, when any random could edit it?

It's quick (which is what wiki means in Hawaiian), it's the most comprehensive encyclopedia in the history of the species and growing fast (at the English one is), and it's pretty accurate. Nature ... Read More »