When could people in the US first buy iPhones?

Answer If you get an iphone you dont have to get texting. But if you do text it will be charged onto your bill. But since its a smart phone you have to get internet

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Why do all people have iPhones?

People have IPhones because they are good phones with a lot of applications.

Caliing all people who know about iPhones...?

Ok let me sum it up:they made lil improvemints on this phone like loudspeaker quality, camera, speed, the 3G feature and the look, but one lil problem may still be here, and thats the lack of MMS, ... Read More »

Why do people show off their iPhones when basically everybody has one?

They think iPhone is a premium phone just because the price they pay for it. Not sure whether they realised or not there are more phones(android) that come with raw power, better battery, camera an... Read More »

Someone stole my iphone. I read on forums about people with iphones with blocked imei's but att and apple both claim that can't do it. How can I get the imei blocked so nobody can use that phone?

over course they can but u shouldn't give them a phon like that anyway that's stupid they shouldn't havce a phone anyways