When could I take out my earrings?

Answer Your doing a good job keeping them clean, yes it would be ok to take them out after your 6 weeks, but I wouldnt leave them out for days on end, may be a day or to then put them back, I would do thi... Read More »

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When can i take off my medical earrings?

Could any take snap shoot when viewing my web cam?

Yes,they could take a screen shot of the image that appears on their screen.

Should I take out my earrings?

You wouldn't have to, but it's depending on how big you want to stretch them. it you want to stretch them to al least a 10 gauge, you don't really have to worry about removing them other earrings. ... Read More »

When pregnant an take painpills what could happen?

One day of pregnancy means you had sex about 7-10 days ago and I don't think that is what you mean. It takes about 3 days for the egg to get fertilized and an additional 7 days until the egg is att... Read More »