When considering notebooks. What is the best for my application?

Answer There comes a point where you have to sacrifice weight for computer capability (power, speed, graphics). If weight is a problem, I would recommend not getting a laptop with a high-end graphic card... Read More »

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How can I make a portable application of an application that has already been installed?……

Who invented notebooks?

An application for a patent was filed on March 1, 1935, by W. Walter Grumbacher, and with this patent was a detailed explanation of how to make a spiral notebook. It is believed that he then sold t... Read More »

Dimensions Of Notebooks?

A laptop computer's dimensions define the notebook's size and shape. Typically found in a computer's technical specifications, these numbers are often presented as measurements of length by width b... Read More »

Are HP notebooks any good?

On One Hand: Low User ScoresIn PC Magazine's 2009 Reader Survey, Hewlett Packard's notebooks received the lowest overall scores (7.7 out of 10), along with Gateway and Acer. In addition, HP's user ... Read More »