When can you take out your ira without a penalty?

Answer A person can begin taking money from an IRA at the age of 59 1/2 without penalty. Money can be taken out of an IRA before this age without incurring the 10 percent penalty if the individual meets c... Read More »

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When can I take distributions from an IRA without incurring a penalty?

Avoid the IRA 10-percent penalty tax by withdrawing funds after age 59 1/2 and after your IRA is at least two years old. People younger than 59 1/2 can still avoid the tax if distributions are used... Read More »

How to Take Equal Periodic Payments From a 401(k) Without a Tax Penalty?

Under normal circumstances, you will face a 10 percent tax penalty if you choose to take money out of your 401k early. But, if you roll the money in your 401k over into an IRA account, you can set ... Read More »

Can you borrow money from your IRA without penalty?

On One Hand: No IRA LoansThe Internal Revenue Service prohibits people from borrowing money from their IRAs or using the IRA to back a loan. If the IRS determines that you are using your IRA as col... Read More »

Is there a device that will take your contacts out without you having to use your fingers to take them out?

I've been wearing contacts for 20 years and I've never heard of anything.If you are having trouble removing them, try putting wetting/lubricating drops into your eyes just before you take them out.... Read More »