When can you switch from glasses to contacts And can you wear only one?

Answer anytime u feel u'r ready for the responsibility however u should make sure u take them out and clean them if u decide to get them as they can irritate u'r eye and make the cornia swell if u leave t... Read More »

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Do you HAVE TO wear glasses for sometime and THEN wear contacts or just wear contacts without wearing glasses?

no u can judt start wearing contacts. they let me. u just have to have a perscription to get them.

How to Switch From Contacts to Glasses?

Over time, wearing contacts can cause soreness in your eyes, which can result in redness and discomfort when wearing contact lenses. Contact wearers may find it comforting to switch to wearing glas... Read More »

Should I wear glasses or contacts when I go to my eye appointment?

We like it when patients wear their contacts in to their appointment. This way the doctor can check the fit on the contacts as well as the prescription. Make sure you bring your glasses too so you ... Read More »

If you don't already wear one or the other, would you rather wear contacts or glasses?

I wear both, but in all honesty prefer contact lenses. I have worn glasses since the age of 9 and did not get contacts until I was 13. . .I am now 29. I think the trauma of been a child who wore ... Read More »