When can you start using face cloths on your baby?

Answer i used it on her first bath no soap. a new one everytime. I still don't use soap her face has never broken out. she's 13months now

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Could using topical retinoic acid on your face for about 10 days harm the baby if you stopped when you found out you were pregnant?

Answer You would definitely want to discuss this one with your doctor. If it's for acne try a very small amount of tea tree oil on a cotton ball. It's also good for small sores and helps eczema.

When you start feeding baby cereal should you give your baby extra water to drink?

Wouldn't they throw up? cuz i heard too much liquids can make them whoot whoot.. that may be a question to ask your doctor honey but I hope the babys fine good luck!

When you are pregnant Can you loose your baby when you are using the rest room?

When do you start felling the baby when your pregnate?

pregnant, 15 - 20 weeks depends on if its your first child or second, you tend to feel the 2nd and 3rd quicker then the first because you know what to feel for