When can you spray ivy with weed killer&not hurt it?

Answer On One Hand: Ivy is HardyYou can spray an herbicide on ivy and not hurt it if the ivy plant is healthy and intact. Ivy leaves have a waxy coating that protect the plant. The extensive root system a... Read More »

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When is it safe to spray junipers with weed killer?

You can spray a juniper with a weed killer at any time, but you need to be careful with the weed killer. Most weed killers also kill juniper plants, so spray carefully on the weeds, avoiding the pl... Read More »

Smoking weed outside and strongest spray 4 woman?

If its windy that will help. Just use a room spray, they are much stronger than normal perfumes. Clear eyes or if you can handle robots works for buzed eyes

Does the Flu Nasal Spray Flu mist hurt?

No. The mist vaccine isn't supposed to hurt, and it didn't hurt when I got it. However, it will catch you off guard, even when they tell you they are about to spray it. It took my breath away when... Read More »

Will it hurt to oil the filter on a weed eater?

most filters that you speak of are washable in water and soap, so they can be used over and over.I would only suggest that in this case, if you insist on doing this, that you check your filter more... Read More »