When can you shower after scoliosis surgery?

Answer On One Hand: Wait One to Two WeeksDoctors recommend that a patient wait anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks before showering after scoliosis surgery. Like any other surgery wound, a scoliosis incision shoul... Read More »

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Pain in left shoulder after scoliosis surgery?

Your spine is held upright by your back muscles. If the spine isn't in it rightful place the muscles have to be tight to pull it out of that place, it won't grow like that by itself. If they didn... Read More »

Can scoliosis (after surgery) cause knee pain?

It can, but it would be best to wait until your body has fully recuperated from the fusion procedure before trying to identify other issues. Everything needs to settle down to what the new "normal... Read More »

How to Take a Shower After Surgery?

Recovering from surgery can be a slow process, and patients can find it frustrating not to be able to quickly do all of the things they once did. Bathing and showering are activities that are often... Read More »

How soon after hernia surgery can you take a shower?

On One Hand: Varies by Medical FacilityMedical facilities' rules differ regarding showering after hernia surgery. Some, such as the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine, say a shower is OK as... Read More »