When can you refinance your house?

Answer According to an article in SuperPages.Com, the best time to refinance your home may occur when the going interest rate has fallen to one point below your current interest rate, you currently have a... Read More »

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How to Refinance When Your House Value Is Worth Less Than Your Loan?

When the value of your home is less than your mortgage balance you can refinance your loan under certain conditions. There is a program offered by the government called the Home Affordable Refinanc... Read More »

When does it make sense to refinance your house?

On One Hand: When Interest Rates Drop.The biggest expense to any mortgage holder over the life of the loan is interest. If a homeowner can capitalize on an interest rate drop of a full percentage p... Read More »

When can I refinance my house in Montana?

There are several factors you should consider prior to seeking to refinance a real estate loan. In addition to credit scores, income, appraised value and loan to value, you also must consider the c... Read More »

How many times can you refinance your house?

You can refinance your home as many times as you need to stay in good financial condition. When loan terms are good, refinancing can lessen your financial burden.No RulesNo rules limit the number o... Read More »