When can you play basketball again after a jammed finger?

Answer This depends on how badly you have jammed it. Usually if you can still get movement out of you finger you caan immediately return to your sport but you may want to tape it or get a splint. If you c... Read More »

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How to Help a Jammed Finger?

Athletes frequently jam their fingers. A jammed finger is one that has been sprained at the knuckle. Symptoms of a jammed finger include swelling (especially at the knuckle), numbness, pain and a ... Read More »

Is my finger jammed or broken?

What to do if got finger jammed in locker?

It is a bruise. It will hurt. It will be gone in two weeks. You wont die. You wont even nearly die. I like mashed potatoes. Mashed potatoes die. They die when I eat them. They dont trap their finge... Read More »

How to tape a jammed finger?

Buddy tape it to the next finger.Or get a popsicle stick and use it as a splint.