When can you find out the sex of your unborn baby?

Answer I found out my son's at 13 weeks with a high resolution ultrasound.

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When can I find out the gender of my unborn baby?

If you use a chorionic villus sampling, you could find out the baby's gender after eight to 11 weeks. With an amniocentisis, you can find out the gender after nine weeks. With the most common metho... Read More »

When can you find out the sex of the unborn baby when pregnant?

Expectant parents can generally find out the sex of their unborn baby from the 18- to 20-week ultrasound. Whether the technician can determine the sex depends on the baby's position, and her determ... Read More »

What to do if you do not what a unborn baby?

If you do not want an unborn baby?First you have to really think about it - are you sure that you definitely do not want it ? Because at the end of the day this is your flesh and blood. Remember ma... Read More »

Can a unborn baby get mad?

The nature of the question requires a theoretical answer because no research has been done on foetal emotions. It is common belief however, that the baby in the womb does indeed have normal similar... Read More »