When can you feel the baby's heartbeat?

Answer Even though each pregnancy is unique, physicians agree that a baby's heart starts beating at the fifth week of pregnancy. However, at this stage the heart is too small to be heard. As such, most wo... Read More »

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When pregnant can you feel the baby's heartbeat in your stomach?

No, you would have to be a rare case of super-sensitive to be able to feel that. To date, I have never heard of a woman who can feel the baby's heartbeat. What you may be feeling is your own heartb... Read More »

Why can i feel my heartbeat in my stomach?

When your heart beats, you can feel it in places called pulse points, according to a Family Education website on pulse taking. Sometimes, if you are lying down, you can feel a heartbeat pulse point... Read More »

Why Can I Feel My Heartbeat In My Abdomen?

As blood flows through the arteries in your body, you can feel your pulse in a number of locations, including in the aorta of your abdomen.AortaThe aorta is the main blood vessel that leaves the he... Read More »

Why do I feel my heartbeat in my head constantly?

Maybe your not doing enough exercise, or your feeling very stress and scared about something? Idk theres lots of possibilities. Check out a doctor if you can ;P