When can you eat after getting a tooth pulled?

Answer I'm a big fan of telling patients to have soft cold foods: yogurt, pudding ice cream.... Other soft foods like potatoes or eggs or soup are ok, as long as they're more warm and NOT hot....frosti... Read More »

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Why do I feel sick after getting wisdom tooth pulled?

That's completely normal.. people react differently to anesthesia, and sometimes it results in fatigue. Don't worry, the same thing happened to me. Even worse, I have TMJ.

How long does the pain last after getting your wisdom tooth pulled?

a day. you wont even notice it with the nice pain killers they give you !i

Does getting a tooth pulled and getting an implant done hurt?

They should use laughing gas. I was literally floating on a red cloud when they did mine. They woke me up later and my mouth felt like it had a red balloon in it. With most dental procedures the ac... Read More »

I just got an infected tooth pulled. Will it hurt after the numbniess goes away n when can i go to sleep?

Yes, it will hurt for the next few days but the pain will start to subside after a day or so. The doctor should have prescribed pain relievers, or told you what over-the-counter pain relievers you... Read More »