When can you drink beer after getting wisdom teeth out?

Answer You can drink as early as you feel up to it!! But be careful because if you are on painkillers (like t3's) you will feel the effects of alcohol way more!

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When can I eat hot sauce after getting wisdom teeth out?

No one told me I couldn't use hot sauce when I got mine out... I don't recall having any issues past a couple of days with anything burning in my mouth -- that or I just lived with it (it was a whi... Read More »

When can I eat after getting my wisdom teeth out Answer ASAP please!!?

I am surprised that your dentist did not tell you. There are probably plenty of websites that contain this information though, so I'm also surprised you didn't find those.When you get your wisdom ... Read More »

What should you eat or drink after having 4 wisdom teeth pulled if you haven't had anything to eat or drink in almost 24 hours?

Answer Well, within the first 24 hours, while you are packing the sides of your face with ice, it doesn't hurt to have a milkshake or soft serve ice cream, but you MUST eat with a spoon, do NOT use... Read More »

What can I eat on the 3rd day after getting my wisdom teeth out?

Oh god, meat on second day...yogurths, smoothies, mashed potato, soups of all kinds of varieties, jello, pudding - that's what's safe for you.