When can organ donation take place?

Answer On One Hand: Certain Requirements Must Be MetFor living persons, organ donation can only occur with consent and when the organ is not vital to the donor's health. For example, a healthy person may ... Read More »

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Does the state of Texas have a place on the driver's license for organ donation?

Since 2008, a heart on a Texas driver's license indicates an individual wants to be an organ donor. The Texas Department of Public Safety, responsible for issuing driver's licenses, stopped collect... Read More »

Organ Donation?

LOVE your question! YES I am an organ donor and I have made sure that my family knows my wishes. I have a girlfriend who's father had a liver transplant and is doing well. Giving life to another... Read More »

Can alcoholics receive an organ donation?

On One Hand: Alcoholics Still Drinking Cannot Receive OrgansAlcoholics often have cirrhosis, which destroys the liver. In 2005, 17,000 people were on the liver transplant list, but only 6,500 liver... Read More »

Advantages and Disadvantages of Organ Donation?

Organ donation saves lives. Many organs can be donated, including liver, kidneys, pancreas, heart and lungs. Tissues can also be donated, such as skin, corneas and heart valves. Organs are used for... Read More »