When can i withdraw money from my 403b?

Answer You can take qualified withdrawals from your 403b when you reach age 59 1/2 regardless of your employment status. You may also take penalty-free withdrawals if you leave your job in or after the ye... Read More »

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How to Withdraw Money From a 403B Plan?

403b plans are retirement plans offered to employees of select not-for-profit groups. Participants contribute to these plans through salary deferrals, which means that contributions are not include... Read More »

How to Withdraw Money From 403B Mutual Funds to Pay Off Credit Card Debt?

While it should not be your first choice, the time may come when withdrawing money from your 403(b) to pay bills makes sense. If you find yourself paying high interest rates and making only the min... Read More »

How to Withdraw a 403B?

Certain non-profit organizations are able to offer 403b plans to their employees to help them save for retirement. These plans are tax-deferred, which means you do not pay income taxes on the money... Read More »

How Much Can I Withdraw for Hardship on a 403B?

A 403(b) is a retirement savings plan for employees of nonprofit organizations and educational institutions. As with a 401(k), which is available to some private sector employees, contributions to ... Read More »