When can i take off my medical earrings?

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When could I take out my earrings?

Your doing a good job keeping them clean, yes it would be ok to take them out after your 6 weeks, but I wouldnt leave them out for days on end, may be a day or to then put them back, I would do thi... Read More »

Should I take out my earrings?

You wouldn't have to, but it's depending on how big you want to stretch them. it you want to stretch them to al least a 10 gauge, you don't really have to worry about removing them other earrings. ... Read More »

Ear piercing infection should i take my earrings out?

Yes..take em out and have another try when they are well.

How long do I have to wait to take off new pierced earrings?

To prevent the hole in your ear lobes from closing up after you get your ears pierced, leave the earrings in your ears for between four to eight weeks before changing them. Wait between four months... Read More »