When can i take it off?

Answer I guess you should rip it off and if it becomes to painful to rip off then see a doctor about it... Why do you only have 6 months to live and why would it be related to the band aid .......... IM S... Read More »

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When you put toothpaste on your nipples how long does it take for it to take effect?

It depends completely on the type of toothpaste you are using. The flavor, the ingredients, and sometimes the brand. A minty toothpaste should give results within 30-50 seconds while a gross oran... Read More »

Do Japanese High School students have to take final exams to graduate When do they take college entrance exam?

>Do Japanese High School students have to take final exams to graduate?They have to take exams at the end of each semester. Not specifically to "graduate".>When do they take college entrance exam?... Read More »

Who is a person called when they take pictures with a special machine to take pictures of bones?

When did johnny Carson retire or when did Jay Leno take over?

Deep Creek Ranch is a "large" ranch, set in the foothills of the Rocky Mountain Front, thirty miles west of Choteau, Montana and seventy miles south of Glacier National Park. here is a link to a ... Read More »