When can i give my puppy his rabies shots?

Answer Puppies can and should be vaccinated for rabies at 16 weeks of age. Until that time, puppies are largely protected by the mother's antibodies, which are passed on to the puppies during nursing. Wai... Read More »

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How to Give Revival Shots to a Puppy?

Although puppies get immunity from their dam while nursing, this immunity is temporary and short lived. Puppies must get a series of vaccination shots to keep them healthy and disease free. Most Re... Read More »

Do rabies shots hurt?

Every injection does cause some pain.

How to Survive Rabies Shots?

If you get bitten by an animal that may have rabies, the idea of getting rabies shots may be a bit frightening at first. Use these steps to make them go by smoothly.

How often do cats need rabies shots?

Many states require that cat owners vaccinate their cats for rabies every year. However, many of the vaccinations used today actually protect cats for up to three years. It's important that cat own... Read More »