When can i drop mortgage insurance?

Answer On One Hand: At 20 Percent EquityPrivate mortgage insurance--or PMI--is a fee charged to a borrower by the lender to pay for insurance that benefits only the lender in the event of the borrower's f... Read More »

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When do car insurance rates drop for females in Texas?

According to the Texas Department of Insurance, car insurance rates drop for females in the state after age 25. Male drivers may have to wait until they are 30 before they get a better rate.Source:... Read More »

When should you drop comprehensive insurance on a motorcycle?

On One Hand: Drop Comprehensive When the Resale Value Is LowMotorcycles depreciate in value quickly. When your motorcycle reaches the point where its resale value is not enough to justify the insur... Read More »

When should you drop your disability insurance?

Probably once you have enough retirement savings. Otherwise, it is one of the most valuable possessions you own and should be cherished not dropped.

Can a spouse drop or cancel insurance on the other spouse if that spouse has no other coverage This for the state of Florida The husband has cancer and the wife wants to drop him from her insurance?

Answer Why would the wife want to do that? Check the Family Law Code in your State - she's probably responsible for any debts that her husband incurs.Check with the Insurance Company - they will p... Read More »