When can houseplants be brought indoors after being outside all summer?

Answer It is best to bring them in when the night time temps start hovering around 40 degrees or lower.

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How to get rid of ants on indoor houseplants that were outside for the summer?

Try Pennyroyal oil from a health food store. It has a strong smell. Either pour some on a cotton ball or sprinkle some around the area. It has a strong menthol order.

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Can elephant ears be brought indoors for the winter?

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How to plant dill seeds indoors in a window box to be transplanted outside?

The way to get odors out of your dishwasher is to use Affreshâ„¢ dishwasher/disposal tablets. For a bag of six tablets (2-6 months) it costs about $6. Recomended use is once a month or as needed.- ... Read More »